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Spring sets for S60R, 2003-2007 V70R, 1997-2000 V70 AWD are in stock again.

2017 price increase on exhausts due to higher material costs. First price change since 2004 on these.

S80 V8 & T6 AWD dual exhaust is in production. Also fit V70 T6 AWD (not certified). Available tailpipes are single round, single oval or no tailpipes for Asian markets with integrated tailpipes.


850/V70 AWD & S70 AWD 1997-2000 Dual exhaust is available again. Only for AWD.


S60R 2004-2007 (also S60 AWD) is available in limited quantity. This exhaust is made for Volvo S60R Sport bodykit but only if a modified S60 T5 Sport rear bumperskirt is used. The specifications are: stainless steel dual 2 inch, 4 silencers, 100 mm / 4 inch tailpipes. It can fit V70R if we modify it and you modify the rear bumper. Price SEK 7400.- + shipping + sales tax (tax only for domestic and EU delivery)

TME S60R Sport

ViVA Performance LLC, Nashua, NH is our new connection for USA. You can find them HERE

We no longer use DSV for any shipping.

The modified S60R - V70R exhaust used by MTE and dynotested to 700 hp is now available. It makes a harder, but not much louder sound compared to our EU/TÜV-certified version. Back pressure is similar to our standard system if used with original turbocharger. Ground clearance is slightly better by 10-15 mm (1/2") It's available for all previous generation 2WD or AWD versions of S60-V70-S80 with either twin 70 mm or single 80 mm tailpipe. Made to special order. A video clip with sound can be found on youtube. (keywords MTE S60R S600RS) Price is SEK 7400 + sales tax (ex works)

It's now possible to click on the part number in the pricelist to see the part. We did most exhausts and downpipes now. We will add the new exhausts once they are done. The springsets are just 4 springs and they all look very similar.

We now have EU/TÜV-certification on our new S60, V70n and S80 2WD exhaust. Certification is valid for 5-cylinder turbo or 20v Diesel engines only. TÜV test report show back pressure is reduced with 83% compared to the standard type exhaust. Tailpipe alternative is single 80 mm. On specialorder is 2x70 mm similar to R for those who want to convert to R bumpers. The exhaust is as quiet as original inside but will growl a little more on the highest rpm's. As tested it's all within legal limits. The older, single pipe version will only be available as long as current stock last. For Scandinavia, Baltic and other world markets outside EU, exhausts are available from TME with test certificate. For the rest of European Union and Switzerland, exhausts are distributed by our German partner Polar Parts GmbH. The AWD version of this exhaust will be tested for certification later.

We now have EU/TÜV-certification on our new type S60R and V70R exhaust. 2x70 mm tailpipes only. The exhaust is now adjustable to fit all R versions. For Scandinavia, Baltic and other world markets outside EU, exhausts are available from TME with test certificate. For the rest of European Union and Switzerland, exhausts are distributed by our German partner Polar Parts GmbH

We now have EU/TÜV-certification on our new 850, S70, V70 and C70 Turbo exhaust. Back pressure is reduced with 78% compared to the standard exhaust. The older version is no longer available. For Scandinavia, Baltic and other world markets outside EU, exhausts are available from TME with test certificate. For the rest of European Union and Switzerland, exhausts are distributed by our German partner Polar Parts GmbH

Due to the number of calls from people about certain products we want to clear this. If the product you buy dont have a genuine TME logo and is not made in Sweden, it's not a TME product. You should first contact the company who sold you the product to sort out any issues. Also, we dont give away technical drawings or other product information except for what is already available on this website. We only make high quality products.

R-exhaust update. We now know that TME S60R/V70R exhaust with TME downpipe is okay for 530 hp thanks to a recent dynotest result from MTE. We have not yet reached the flow limit of this exhaust. We dont need to use sewer pipe sizes to get low backpressure and you dont need earplugs when you drive. Now (Jan-2010) we have tried this same exhaust again, with a different front silencer and our downpipe without the catalyst. The backpressure measured 0.28-0.30 bar at 700 hp. This was measured closer to the turbo than earlier tests, so is still slightly less backpressure than the original exhaust, even when pushing 400 hp more than stock.

We are currently working on ABE/TÜV-certification on our exhausts to meet demand from some markets. We will be required to change the specifications on some of them but will continue with the same high quality as we are known for. We will also introduce some new applications this year.

Sport exhaust for C30 T5 under development. Back pressure reduced with 55%. Also a turbo downpipe for both T5 and AWD is under development.

TME Downpipe for 500+ hp S60R & V70R tuning kit. Complete kit sold by MTE. Please note that TME and MTE are 100% independent and separate companies.

Product update! TME turbo downpipes for 5-cyl. produced from March 2006 now have a bracket for the heatshield and a channel for a 2005 style turbo flange gasket. Gasket is special made for TME downpipes, replacement graphite gaskets are available from TME or our dealers, do not use original VCC gaskets with TME downpipes. We still recommend to coat outer turbo flange surface (gasket channel and out) with copper- or nickel-paste. Do not overdo this as you DONT want paste on the Lambda sensors. Also some minor adjustments to production tooling are made to increase clearance between catalyst and heatshield. As before, no modifications to Lambda sensor wiring is required with TME downpipes.

Sport exhaust for S60 R with Volvo original bodykit available now!

Sport exhaust for S60 R 2005-up available now!

Sport exhaust for S60 R 2004 available now!

Sport exhaust for V70 R 2004-up available now!

We are now able to publish test results on TME cat-back sport exhaust for S60 R and V70 R. Tested with ECU upgrade but with factory original cat. In this test the back pressure is measured after catalyst. Back pressure is only 0.08 bar at full power for TME R exhaust. The factory original exhaust were also included in this test. With 0.25-0.30 bar for the original R exhaust, the back pressure is reduced with 65% or more. This add up to more power to the wheels and less fuel wasted for nothing but hot air. Power with ECU upgrade and original exhaust peak at 308 hp because of higher backpressure. The same ECU upgrade with TME exhaust peak at 334 hp. +26 hp or +8.4% more power by upgrading to a TME exhaust.

Some info about an interesting S60 R

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